UA-108058542-1 Slice-X is an innovative cutting board for slicing small fruits and vegetables like cherry tomatoes, grapes, olives, etc. The perfect kitchen gadget for any food lover.

A fun new way to slice produce! 

 Introducing a faster, safer way to cut small fruits... 


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The Slice-X trough lines up items of different sizes so that they can all be cut right down the middle with one cut. This is really important for garden or heirloom tomatoes and grapes which are not all the same size.  

  • The Slice-X backstop holds items in place as you cut across the top of them.  
  • The Slice-X knife guide ensures a straight cut right down the middle.  
  • Slice-X has four slicing troughs which supports years of use.  
  • Slice-X's two part design makes it easy to clean and to store.  
  • Slice-X makes slicing things much safer because your fingers don't have to hold the items your are cutting.  

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