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Makes Slicing Produce Faster, Safer & more FUN!

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Slice multiple cherry tomatoes, grapes, berries, nuts or

other foods in one quick easy motion!

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ALIGNS several grapes, cherry tomatoes, or berries for a PERFECT SLICE...

MINIMIZES MESS when chopping nuts and herbs

MAKE apple or citrus wedges & carrot sticks easily and more safely

GREAT for brussels sprouts, olives mozzarella & more!


Faster. Safer. More FUN.

Slice-X makes easy work of slicing grapes and hot dogs to make them safer for little ones.

Slice-X pieces lock firmly together to keep produce aligned while keeping fingertips away from the knife blade.  Slice-X allows you to cut multiple fruits or veggies at once with one quick motion.  Perfectly slice small veggies like brussels sprouts, roasting potatoes and olives... or fruits like grapes, cherry tomatoes and blueberries.  Easily contain and chop herbs and nuts. 

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As seen on our successful Kickstarter campaign, we've considered every detail.  We've diligently worked through many prototypes to achieve an elegant design, created to assemble in a moment, be top rack dishwasher safe, and store flat. It also looks pretty great on your kitchen counter should you choose to not to hide it away.

Slice-X was also designed with older, weaker, less steady, and arthritic hands in mind.  Slice-X holds your food in place while you cut, so you don't have to.

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