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Slice-X Story.

Slice-X is a family run business.


I was not sure how my idea would work the day I walked into my father's wood shop to build the first Slice-X prototype with my children, who were six and four at the time. All I knew was that they loved eating the cherry tomatoes we grew together in our garden, and I was tired of slicing them one at a time.   Since then, Slice-X has taken on a life of its own propelled by my children's enthusiasm and my desire to show them that they can make their ideas come to life.


We sincerely hope that you have fun using your Slice-X. 


- Dan

Slice-X is patent pending.



"Slice-X makes it easy to cut cherry tomatoes and grapes along the core, just like we do it here.

- John Bentley, Owner/Chef

of John Bentley's Restaurant

"Anything that makes our kitchen more efficient and safer is a good thing.  SliceX does both." 

- Weston Speigl, General Manager 
Oak + Violet at the Park James Hotel

"Stuffed cherry tomatoes for 100? No problem. When cooking for a large party, every second counts.  Slice-X is a real time saver."

- Jacqueline Kraft, Former Owner/

Caterer, Dinner by Eight

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Basket Cherry Toms2.jpg


At Slice-X we believe that we can be no stronger than the community that we serve. We are committed to making a positive impact, especially as it relates to those who may not be able to take food for granted and those learning about healthy eating.  To that end, Slice-X has chosen to support the following three food causes which reflect our local, national, and international users.

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